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Ford Does Digital SEMA, Tells of the Future of Pickup Trucks And The New Bronco

There are some trends that come and go. However, the pickup truck seems to be a staple of the automotive community that’s here to stay. America has simply fallen in love with these things to the point where they are as American as apple pie. Not only does the platform get the job done but pickups can also provide a little bit of luxury along the way as well. These days, even high-performance pickup trucks are available if that’s the style that someone wants to adopt.

Let’s just say that all of the competitors in the space really have a challenge in front of them. Creating the perfect truck means offering the buyer maximum customization. In 2020, we’ve become so spoiled with our vehicle selection that customers expect to be able to pick from a variety of different options to have their own version of a perfect machine.

This time, we get the entire rundown on how Ford has been trying to address the customers’ needs to the best of their capability with the F series. Over the years, the model has been the reigning champion in terms of the best selling in the world. Perhaps that’s due to a variety of reasons but one of these reasons certainly has to be how much Ford invests in research and development to create the best product possible.

Below, we get to dive into Ford’s SEMA presentation. Unfortunately, SEMA was one of the pieces of collateral damage that fell by the wayside with COVID-19. However, that isn’t to say that we don’t get an effort from the blue oval to show off what they would’ve had at the show.

In this one, we get everything, high and low, that one could ever want to know about Ford’s pickup truck offering. From different suspensions to materials on board and even some of the technology and luxury options, this is the one-stop shop to learn about the future of the Ford F-150.

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