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Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck Tackles Pikes Peak: A New Era of Electric Performance

Ford is once again gearing up to take on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and this time they’re bringing a wild version of the F-150 Lightning. Known for their innovative and record-breaking EVs, Ford’s latest entry into the legendary race promises to be nothing short of spectacular. This article dives into the details of this audacious vehicle and what fans can expect at the upcoming event.

Ford’s Triumphant Return to Pikes Peak


Ford is no stranger to the challenging terrain of Pikes Peak. In 2023, they set an Open Class record with the SuperVan 4.2, an electric vehicle that left competitors in the dust. Now, they’re back with a new contender: the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck. Scheduled to compete in late June, this demonstrator vehicle showcases Ford’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric performance.

The Genesis of the SuperTruck

The F-150 Lightning SuperTruck isn’t your average pickup. While it shares a name with Ford’s popular electric truck, the similarities end there. This SuperTruck was developed in collaboration with STARD, an Austria-based company known for their expertise in electric race and rally cars. Much like its predecessor, the SuperVan 4.2, the SuperTruck is designed to dominate the track with advanced technology and engineering.

Aerodynamics on Steroids


One of the most jaw-dropping features of the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is its downforce. Ford has engineered this beast to produce a staggering 6000 pounds of downforce at 150 mph. This impressive feat is achieved through a combination of over-the-top aerodynamic elements, ensuring the truck stays glued to the road during the grueling hill climb. The focus on aerodynamics is a testament to Ford’s dedication to achieving peak performance at Pikes Peak.

Power and Performance: What to Expect

While Ford has kept specific power figures under wraps, we can make some educated guesses based on past performance. The SuperVan 4.2 boasted over 1400 horsepower, while the earlier SuperVan 4.0 delivered a mind-blowing 1973 horsepower. It’s likely that the SuperTruck’s power output will be in a similar range, providing the necessary muscle to conquer the demanding course.

Lightweight Construction and Racing Upgrades


To maximize performance, the SuperTruck features a lightweight construction. The demonstrator vehicle likely sheds significant weight compared to the standard 6855-pound production model, thanks to a stripped-down interior and body panels made entirely from carbon fiber. Additionally, the truck is expected to be equipped with an FIA-grade racing seat, motorsport-quality brakes, and a set of racing slicks, all contributing to its high-speed capabilities.

Romain Dumas: The Man Behind the Wheel

Behind the wheel of the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck will be none other than Romain Dumas. A seasoned driver with numerous records to his name, Dumas piloted the SuperVan 4.2 to its record-setting performance last year. His experience and skill will be crucial as he navigates the treacherous curves and altitude changes of Pikes Peak. Fans of the sport can look forward to seeing Dumas push the SuperTruck to its limits.

Anticipation Builds for the 102nd Pikes Peak International Hill Climb


The 102nd running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb is set to take place on Sunday, June 23. As the date approaches, excitement is building among motorsport enthusiasts. Ford’s entry with the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck adds an extra layer of anticipation to the event. Will this innovative vehicle set a new record? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: Ford’s relentless pursuit of excellence in electric vehicle performance is on full display.

Conclusion: A Bold Step Forward for Electric Vehicles

The Ford F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is more than just a race vehicle; it’s a symbol of the future of automotive engineering. By pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with electric power, Ford is setting the stage for a new era in motorsport. Whether it’s the cutting-edge aerodynamics, the anticipated high horsepower, or the expert piloting of Romain Dumas, the SuperTruck represents a bold step forward. As we look to the upcoming Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, all eyes will be on this remarkable vehicle, waiting to see how it performs on one of the world’s most challenging courses.

Ford’s return to Pikes Peak with the F-150 Lightning SuperTruck is a testament to their innovative spirit and dedication to electric performance. This event promises to be a thrilling showcase of speed, technology, and engineering prowess. Stay tuned as we witness history in the making.