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Ford F150: Speedometer MAXES Out While Driving

While, to those who find themselves on the outside when it comes to doing anything mechanical, fixing a car might appear as if you simply plug in your scanner, find the issue, and head to wherever it is that you need to be to replace the parts that are causing the issue. However, what a lot of people who don’t often wrench on cars have yet to figure out is that it’s never actually that simple. Sure, there’s a reason for things like code scanners and they might direct you toward where the problem might be, however, often times, it will take lots of troubleshooting and analyzing the system in question to eventually try and figure out the part that needs to be replaced.

This time, we check out another situation that’s exactly that puzzle as the South Main Auto Repair YouTube channel takes us along for the ride as someone brought in their Ford F150 and claimed that the only issue with it was that the speedometer would max out while driving, even a low speeds. However, as the mechanic here continued to go through the truck, he would soon learn that the vehicle was laden with other issues. Not only did the speedometer not function properly but it also seemed as if there was an issue with the four-wheel-drive, disallowing the truck to move much faster than 40 or 50 mph.

If you follow along in the video below, it actually ends up being quite an interesting story that has this mechanic leading all sorts of different directions as he keeps finding out new parts to the story that might be relevant in tracking down exactly what the issue is. If you have ever had an issue finding out what was wrong with your car or truck, this video might really open up and speak to you.