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Ford Model Ts Turned Snowmobile Take Over an Entire Car Meet

Ford Model Ts Turned Snowmobile Take Over an Entire Car Meet

When most people picture the Ford Model T, we’d think they would come up with a similar vision. Sitting on skinny wheels and a rigid frame, the Model T was the first mass-produced automobile. It called for an incredibly uncomfortable ride that also wasn’t very versatile. Obviously, over the last century, we made some substantial upgrades to the way that we drive. Since it’s over 100 years old, we will give it a pass.

Apparently, in Forestport, New York where the snow falls heavily, some folks have transformed their Model Ts. We’ve been left in the dark on this trend. Now that we’re alert to it, we have to say that we’re pleasantly surprised. Apparently, there is a whole collection of Model T enthusiasts in the area that have turned their vehicles into snowmobiles.

It’s no secret how this is sort of transformation might be pretty useful or a solid novelty in an area that ends up getting a lot of snow. However, it’s just not something that’s all that easy to visualize. Most of the time, when we see these vehicles, they’re all in a similar state. Slapping a set of tracks on the front doesn’t seem like something that somebody would do to a vehicle from the turn of the 20th century.

By following along with the video below, we get the inside scoop on what exactly this kind of car meet looks like. Let’s say this is a little bit different than anything that we’ve seen before. I wonder what kind of other trends are floating around out there that we’ve never heard of but absolutely need to learn more about. This can’t be the only obscurity that we’ve been missing out on.


See it for yourself, these things are nothing short of an awesome time to check out!