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Ford Mustang Celebrates 50 Years of Fun

Ford Mustang Celebrates 50 Years of Fun

The Ford Mustang has been a staple in the automotive community for as long as we can all remember, the pony car has been on the roads for over fifty years to be exact.

To celebrate, Ford’s performance division got together one of every generation of Mustang to have a great time along with the likes of Vaughn Gittin JrChris Forsberg, and Ryan Tuerck!

We watch as a couple of minutes of all out Mustang beating goes down in front of our eyes, not a bad way celebrate such a monumental anniversary.

Check out the video below that puts man and machine to the test of having a great time! How would you celebrate fifty years of being one of America’s most recognizable sports cars?

A Corvette and a Mustang in a tug-of-war? CRAZINESS! Check it out below!



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