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Ford Raptor Ranger Gets GLOBAL Debut, It’s Coming to the States!

Sometimes, when we take a look abroad, it seems like there are cool cars released in other areas of the country that Americans don’t get the opportunity to have here on the American market.

The real kicker here is that frequently, the name brand on the hood of these vehicles is American. For example, a company like Ford might think that one of their models is best for the European market, never allowing a particular vehicle to see dealerships here stateside because their research shows that the American market probably wouldn’t be interested enough to support the cost of bringing the model here.

One example of such a vehicle, or so we thought was the Ford Ranger Raptor. For anyone who’s familiar with the Ford F-150 Raptor, the Ranger Raptor delivers a similar premise except in a smaller truck.

This time, though, according to the crew at The Fast Lane Truck, America will likely be getting a Ranger Raptor that was formally not available here in the States. In this particular video, we get the full rundown on just about everything we know about the truck so far including specifications and images along with a little bit of video footage.

Perhaps the most interesting part about this truck is what’s going to be under the hood.

Unlike the diesel-powered Ranger Raptor that we have seen so far, the new rendition will be treated to a 3 L twin-turbo V6 that can also be found in the Bronco Raptor. While it’s a rather small truck, the pickup will make a potent 392 hp. Even though in the scheme of things, it’s not going to be the most powerful pickup on the market, in such a small body, we got a feeling that this thing is going to be a blast to get behind the wheel off.

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