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Ford Recalls 2 Million Of Their Best Selling Pickup Trucks

Have you ever gotten into you vehicle and had the seatbelt lock up on you when you weren’t ready for it, essentially getting jammed and holding you into the seat before you release your belt and readjust it? Most of us can identify with that problem with the mechanical device known as a “pretensioner” that is designed to lock up when a vehicle gets into a crash, making sure that you’re restrained in your seat. Sure, it might provide an inconvenience but it’s really better safe than sorry as that inconvenience could be a life saver.

Luckily for those who just can’t deal with such an inconvenience, though, luckily, electrical pretensioners have been designed in order to implement sensors that help avoid this unintentional locking of the seat belt. However, as more electronics are introduced into a vehicle, they might give you some nice luxuries but also have the tendency to have a higher failure rate as we’ve seen with countless recalls that are related to electrical components. It’s a tradeoff that seems to be worth it but will take some ironing out as these complicated systems are still relatively new to consumer vehicles.

The latest of these recalls is bringing back in 2 million Ford pickup trucks as they seem to have been undergoing smoke and fire issues as related to their electric pretensioners. Allegedly, the piece has been said to generate sparks which has been leading to fire in several cases. There have been 23 reports of issues with 17 coming in the United States and the remainder in Canada. Luckily, no accidents or injuries have been reported in the issue that is believed to be limited to the 2015 to 2018 Ford F-150 Regular and SuperCrew Cabs. With something that could result in such dire consequences, Ford had almost no choice but to recall the vehicles and fix the issue.