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Ford Says Some Rangers Should Be Parked Due To Air Bag Death

In order to keep cars safe, it’s no secret that there is a lot of technology deployed in order to make sure that, should an accident happen, the occupants of the vehicle are going to end up being as safe as they can be. One of the most basic ways that vehicle manufacturers will do this obviously is the use of an airbag, nothing new there.

Upon collision, it seems that how airbag acts would be pretty simple but what it comes down to the mechanical process, I guess as it turns out, it’s not something that is as easy as adding two and two, especially when trying to get the most efficiency from your dollar, using the most effective parts that are also going to be cost friendly.

It’s unclear exactly why airbags are malfunctioning in 2006 Ford Rangers, however, as it turns out, there is a massive recall on these vehicles, warning drivers to bring their trucks back to the dealership because the airbag inflators are malfunctioning, essentially rupturing when they need to work and because of this malfunction, Ford has unfortunately reported that two fatalities have occurred due to the faulty airbags. I think it goes without saying that it’s definitely part of your vehicle that you’re not going to want to give up on you.

The video below will go into a little bit more detail about exactly what you can expect and exactly which vehicles are affected by this particular recall that could turn out to be insanely bad if people don’t receive the message that their truck needs a bit of work done. Hopefully, Ford is able to go back and fix the problem on the vehicles that happen to be in circulation now as to prevent any further injuries or fatalities because of the faulty airbag inflators. If you’re in the range of vehicles affected, don’t delay, get your truck fixed as soon as possible!