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Ford unveils Mustang that will run in NASCAR Monster Energy cup series in 2019. Announces new cars in all racing series!

One of the longest running and most intense automotive rivalries of all times is finally coming to the premier stock car racing sanction in the country.

It’s a rivalry that’s been burning since the mid 1960’s and features two of the most iconic domestic sports cars of all time. NASCAR is going to be the home of Mustang vs Camaro!

For decades, dedicated blue oval enthusiasts have done their best to get behind Ford stock cars that are NOT Mustangs. The current car, Ford’s Fusion is a car that’s certainly been successful on the track, but the stock version lacked that raw power and edginess needed to appeal to the fans on the showroom. I mean let’s be real here, the Fusion is a great looking ride, but you don’t look at it and think “race car”. Making the switch to the original pony car will automatically tie the sport of NASCAR to the 10 million (literally!) Mustangs out there on the planet.

This season, Chevrolet made the switch from it’s Super Sport, or SS, to the Camaro, a car that was literally built as the Bowtie Brigade’s response to the Mustang back in late 1966. The move has proven popular with the fans despite the car only finding victory lane twice this season. As with any major change, though, there will be some bumps along the way, although Ford has said it will not settle for anything less than continued success in NASCAR.

The sanctioning body itself will likely be the biggest winner from this move. It’s been no secret that the sport has been hemorrhaging fans for a while now, but the rebirth of one of the longest-standing rivalries in the automotive realm on NASCAR’s tour could certainly go a long way to reviving fan interest and participation.

The news doesn’t stop there for the Blue Oval faithful, either. It’s also mentioned, albeit very briefly, that Ford will be spreading the Mustang love to its racers in the NHRA as well. Making some assumptions and reading between the lines, I’m assuming they will be updating all current factory-backed teams with the new-look Mustang body, a move that will prove popular among the fans of the Factory Stock Shootout for sure!

Look for the first Mustang vs Camaro NASCAR race starting with the 2019 Daytona 500.



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