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Ford VS Chevy In Epic Battle Of The Trucks

It’s a battle as old as the automotive world itself: Ford vs Chevy! These two rivals have duked it out in just about every way possible for decades now, with both camps taking wins and losses, which is why the rivalry continues to this day.

At this weekend’s Yellowbulley Nationals held at Cecil County Dragway, the rivalry was renewed yet again, this time as two pickups battled it out for supremacy on the drag strip. The combinations couldn’t be more different, but as you’ll see, it translates to nearly identical performance when the trucks cross the stripe.

In the far lane, you have a badass nitrous-assisted S10, a compact pickup that’s coated in a great looking green that really grabs the eye. The truck is campaigned by Mike Gerber and looks to be riding on 10.5” slicks. He’s lined up against The Yetti, the twin turbo-powered Ford F150 Lightning belonging to Jimmy Dolan. Dolan’s full size pickup is riding on radials, which certainly make for an interesting side-by-side comparison against the slicks under Gerber’s Chevy.

After a pair of nice smoky burnouts, the trucks back into their fresh rubber and begin bumping into the staging beams. As soon as they’re fully staged, the tree drops and it looks like Dolan straps a pretty sizable holeshot on Gerber, with the big Lightning visibly moving first. Couple that with the fact that Dolan laid down a better elapsed time – though only by a small 0.02 of a second margin – and that was enough to get the big Ford to the stripe first.

This was a great side by side race and proves yet again why this rivalry will continue to grow and evolve as racers and regular joes like you and I find new ways to keep that fire burning. Look for more from the Yellowbullet Nationals from our partner Hans over at Free Life Films, who captured all of the action in awesome high definition as always!