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Formula 1 Champ Lewis Hamilton Drives Incognito in a Smart Car

One of the nice things about climbing your way up the ladder of any type of sport or performance act is that along with all of that time invested and hard work can come a little bit of money when you make your way to the top. Normally, this is why you see celebrities going over-the-top, buying all kinds of extravagant things and showing off just how much money they really make. Some tend to go incredibly too far, really showing us that they probably have absolutely no idea how to spend all that money so they start throwing it at whatever comes across their path, after a while.

However, not all celebrities spend their dough the same. If you ask Formula One champion, Lewis Hamilton how he prefers to get around, the answer might just surprise you a little bit. As it turns out, he isn’t so much a fan of endless streams of attention from the paparazzi so his wheels are a little bit more low key. Sure, Lewis does have a Mercedes-Benz for when more friends come around and he needs something a little bit bigger to haul them in but, most of the time, he says that you can see him driving in his Smart Car. If you were hoping for something outrageous, well, we’re sorry to disappoint you but it looks like Hamilton would rather avoid all of the attention.

The video below gives us Lewis’s rundown of exactly why he doesn’t elect to go with more expensive and flashy vehicles that fit into his tax bracket. Well we can definitely understand why people would love to go with some of the flashiest cars that the auto market has to offer, however, there’s just something about being so subtle like this and so seemingly humble that you have to respect. If you were rich and famous with the paparazzi looking to hang all over you, would you be willing to roll around in something like a Smart Car to keep your profile low?


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