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He Found His Truck For Sale Online 3 Years After it Was Stolen!

In the scheme of the world, there are just going to be some people that suck. They always have and they always will. While it’s unfortunate, there isn’t much that we can do about these kinds of folks. The only thing that we can do is move forward with our best intentions in mind.

For YouTuber, Heath HussarIt just so happened he would run into somebody who didn’t have the greatest of intentions.

When Heath came across a red Ford Lightning that he would call “Big Red,” it seemed as if he had fallen in love. Heath had built a sort of built a bond with the machine. Many of us are familiar with this bond between man and machine and it’s a little bit hard to explain. However, for those who get it, they understand that a car can almost become like a member of the family.

Unfortunately, for Heath, it just so happens that his Lightning would be stolen right out from under him. After a search effort to try and recover the truck, Hussar and his friends would eventually be forced to give up. There’s only a certain amount of time where one can look for a vehicle before they run out of options and a valiant effort turns into pure insanity.

In a crazy twist of events, though, eventually, Heath would once again be reunited with his pickup. However, it would come some three years later. After a freak incident when his friend was browsing around on Craigslist, they would discover the truck. The old Ford would now be with its new owner who purchased it completely legally from an auction. However, Heath was still bound and determined to go and get the truck back.

The video is delivered in a quite hectic vlog style. However, when you really look at the subject material, it shows all the craziness that somebody has to go through to get their own property back once again.