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Free-For-All on the Vegas Strip as Pedestrians Battle to Get Free View of the F1 Race

In the realm of motorsports, few events in 2023 generated as much anticipation as the Formula 1 circuit’s arrival in Las Vegas. The city underwent a remarkable transformation, with hundreds of millions of dollars invested to turn it into a dynamic playground where F1’s top stars could fiercely compete for the podium. Post event, it seems like the anticipation was greeted with a load of satisfaction.

Undoubtedly, the production was a major undertaking, with very few events attempting such an ambitious transformation of an entire city segment into a race track. However, as expected, not everyone was pleased with the changes. Social media buzzed with questions, particularly around a couple of storylines throughout the weekend.

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One prominent concern revolved around coverings affixed to the sides of a pedestrian bridge, blocking the glass and preventing any view of the race for onlookers. Some workers claimed it was Formula One’s directive to prevent people from watching the race for free, while others cited safety concerns due to the crowd on the bridge.

As anticipated, people took it upon themselves to tear down the coverings, prompting swift replacements. Videos also captured construction blocking off iconic Vegas sites, leaving those who coincidentally arrived without plans to watch F1 racing with a version of Vegas that didn’t offer the full experience.

Despite these challenges, the spectacle seemed to entertain a significant number of people, drawing widespread interest. Even those without tickets found ways to catch a glimpse of the action, employing various measures to witness the event.

Perhaps the moral of the story is that if you’re planning a trip to Vegas and F1 isn’t on your agenda, consider picking another weekend. For those passionate about the race, however, it undoubtedly delivered an exhilarating experience.