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Freightliner vs Automated Barricade, Guess who Wins?

Freightliner vs Automated Barricade, Guess who Wins?

Have you ever wondered how sturdy those barricades protecting restricted areas are? They couldn’t be too crazy, right? Well this time, they’re put to the test!

After some strenuous testing, we can be sure that this particular barricade will help more folks rest assured that it isn’t going anywhere.

To prove how sturdy it is, testers use a flat bed truck filled with cargo and ram it straight into the barrier at full force. The barrier goes absolutely nowhere. Perhaps the best part is that this insane structure is retractable into the ground!

Check out one of the strongest small structures that we think you’ll see lining the roadways or protecting private areas a lot in the near future. The force this thing offers is sheer craziness.


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