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How Dirty Are These Fuel Emissions – Gas, Ethanol, E85, Kerosene

It seems as if the technology is facilitating a “have your cake and eat it too” mentality these days. Because of developments, we’re able to perform in ways like never before in a variety of different areas. Today, it seems to be a hot topic issue to talk about what ways we can power our vehicles and maintain a healthy environment. All of this is supposed to come without making many sacrifices. Nobody likes losing power or gas mileage. How much does that come at the expense of the environment, though? After all, we do have to live here still, no matter how much we all love horsepower.

It really is a challenge, but maybe, with small steps, we can slowly move towards a happy medium that pleases just about everybody.

This time, we check out a little experiment that takes a look at what exactly might be causing issues in the environment by showing exactly how much pollution is left behind by a couple of different fuels. The test includes gasoline, 2-cycle mix, e85, and a couple of others. The aim is pretty simple and might just shed some light on what we’re sending up into the ozone. Perhaps moving in one direction or the other with a simple fuel change could be better for everyone! We might even see certain instances where emissions are lowered while power is increased!

Check out the video experiment blow that displays some clear results about how these fuels all burn and what they leave behind. By looking into situations like these and trying to improve, we’re arming ourselves with the appropriate knowledge. Before long, that knowledge is sure to push us in a productive direction that we might’ve never imagined before! In turn, this experiment is also a ton of fun to sink our teeth into!

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