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Fueltech Breaks Down The Technology Behind Their Legendary Hub Dyno

When it comes to accessories that go along with making our cars fast, the options are nearly endless. However, sometimes, we can be a little bit limited by time, space, and money constraints. Therefore, it’s very necessary for a shop or individual to carefully select the tools that fit their application best.

For the folks over at FuelTech, one of those pieces of equipment just looks like a whole lot of fun to play with. At the end of the day, it is a tool designed to get down to work. However, the results are just so much fun to watch over and over again as different combinations end up making their way into the shop.

For those who haven’t picked it up by now, we’re talking, of course, about FuelTech’s hub dyno. They obtained the unit a little bit over a year ago and it has been seeing all sorts of amazing machines since.

From the Street Outlaws, all the way to our very own Alex Laughlin, all sorts of serious car and driver combinations have made a lot of horsepower on the machine. In fact, the dyno has seen the likes of as much as 5000 hp. Some of these machines have been so powerful that they have managed to pull a wheelie while spinning the hubs.

This time, though, the goal is all about learning more about this miraculous piece of equipment. In order to teach us a little something, Luis de Leon, FuelTech USA’s Tech Director, put together an insightful video to show and tell what the hub dyno is all about.

In the video, de Leon tells us what differentiates this sort of application from a traditional dyno. He also gives us the inside scoop on everything that really brings the FuelTech dyno room to life!