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This Corvette Is RC Powered – Badass RC Action!

Full-Scale Remote Controlled Chevrolet Corvette c6 Burnout

Within the hobby of remote control cars, builders do a lot to push their experiments to the next level, but this one might just take the cake is the craziest of them all.

Instead of starting out with a miniature scale creation, this guy goes for gold right off of the bat, using a regular, full-size Chevrolet Corvette to make remote control magic happen.

At first, we thought that there was no way that this could be real but after we are shown inside to the wheel moving by itself and the gear shifter changing on its own, we have to admit that we are truly amazed.

Check out the video below as this remote controlled Corvette drives around under its own power and does a couple of burnouts as well. Is this the most insane remote controlled car ever? It may be one of the most expensive.