Full Time Fifth Wheel, The MASSIVE DRV “Full House”

When it comes to mobile living, there are a lot of ways to spend life on the road. Of ...

When it comes to mobile living, there are a lot of ways to spend life on the road. Of course, picking out just the right one is going to depend on many factors including preferences and of course, budget. This time, we get a peek inside of mobile living quarters that are more spacious than some homes.

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The topic of discussion this time is the DRV JX450. This isn’t just any RV, though. Within this expansive fifth wheel unit, we find luxury at just about every turn. With such a unit, people on board shouldn’t even have to think twice about the fact that they are on the road. The manufacturer really took that into consideration.

From the kitchen that has ample counter space to the bedrooms having room to really move around, this isn’t exactly what one would typically consider with mobile living. Usually, when we think of an RV, we think of a cramped living space that is going to create the need to make a lot of concessions. People generally think of giving up things and living minimally when going on the road. Sure, there might not be a garage to store all of your extra stuff with something like this. However, with this particular unit, “Cramped” doesn’t appear to be the case as it delivers just about all of the comforts of home that one could want or need.

By following along with the video below from the Big Truck Big RV YouTube channel, we get to dig into this monstrous machine. After taking a tour of this one, we think that some might just be considering living life on the road. When you toss in the fact that someone could get up and drive just about anywhere that they want, it really is an appealing option.

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