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Funny S*** Diesel Owners Say

Funny S*** Diesel Owners Say

With every kind of car from muscle cars to tuners and everything in between, there comes a stereotype that goes with owning each, regardless of if it is true or not.

Perhaps one of the most prevalent stereotypes that exists is that of diesel truck owners. That’s right, we’ve all heard and seen what some of these guys are up to.

This time, we’re given an inside view at an example of some of the stuff that truck owners might come up with. Even though this is a pretty extreme parody, we wouldn’t be surprised to hear some similar things slip from the lips of diesel truck owners.

Check out the video below as we’re given a walk around of a Chevrolet Silverado powered by Duramax diesel. We can’t help but laugh all the way through this one.

Follow it up with a little bit of s*** muscle car guys say below!

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