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The Future Of Hitches? Very Cool design!

Posted by: Jesse Kleib on August 1, 2021

Depending on your setup when it comes to towing a trailer behind your truck, the experience can either be quick and painless like there’s nothing connected to your vehicle at all or it can be a bumpy ride. It all depends on how much money you’re ready to spend.

With that smooth, luxurious ride in mind, tons of companies head to the drawing board to try and design something to make that towing experience as smooth as possible. This time, we check out the hitch known as the “McHitch Uniglide” that provides an interesting solution.

Basically, it looks like the idea here is to integrate a U-joint into a trailer hitch to level out your load and prevent it from bouncing around, making the joint take the majority of the shock.

Some couplings in common usage have articulation angles as low as 18 – 28 degrees which can cause huge stress and breakage in some instances. McHitch, however, boasts articulation angles in excess of 90 degrees in all directions

On the Original Drop-On range, the main body is clamped over the stainless steel tapered pin by a triple locking mechanism with NO movement between the pin and the body. It is easily connected to the tow vehicle by dropping it onto the pin, with the taper allowing it to center itself. Once the coupling is lowered, the handwheel is then tightened down into the female thread on top of the pin, creating a tight contoured fit that cannot vibrate loose due to the automatic locking ratchet mechanism; with no movement what-so-ever. After which, a hitch receiver pin is inserted through the coupling as a secondary locking measure.

In theory, it looks like something that could work out pretty well but sometimes that doesn’t translate to reality all that well. Check out the video below for yourself and tell us if you think that this is something that could ever come to use in practice that would make towing easier.


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