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Futuristic Police Car — Loaded With Technology

Futuristic Police Car — Loaded With Technology

With the expansion of technology in the automotive sector comes improvements in police cruisers as well. As seen at CES, this Dodge Charger shows us the latest and greatest to hit the police force.

Per the uploader, “This car packs a massive in-dash touchscreen connected to an in-trunk PC. It also features solar panels & a redesigned backseat.” With more tailored equipment, police should be able to operate more efficiently and focus more on their jobs.

Check out the futuristic cop car in the video below and be sure to voice your opinion about what you think of this stellar police vehicle coming to streets near you.

Maybe they’ll add a proximity keyfob to prevent people like this guy from stealing a police car again.

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 2.28.31 AM


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