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G-body Monte Carlo Wasn’t Ready for the Nitrous! OUCH!

I think that just about everybody who is familiar with how drag racing works would agree that with less wheel diameter and more tire, you should be able to gather more traction. Because of the extra sidewall, the rubber will flex a little bit more and really take the majority of the shock, delivering the most possible contact patch to the ground, meaning that more traction should come about, in theory, as you have more sticky on the concrete launch pad that you will find at the beginning of a race track like this one.

However, a phenomenon has really come around that has people racing with some pretty good luck on bigger wheels. Even if the cars might be slightly faster when introduced to a more drag racing oriented setup, it’s pretty darn awesome to watch as cars on massive wheels are able to pull home some awesome passes, even going so far as becoming sleepers of sorts when they’re submerged into this incognito look that appears as if the machines are ready to go to a car show. However, when the opposition falls asleep and thinks that they have an easy victory in the bag, these big wheeled competitors will reach across the lane and slap opposition straight in the face!

This time, however, it turns out that one of these machines that’s on some massive wheels, a G body Chevrolet Monte Carlo, wasn’t exactly ready to handle all of the power that was making its way to the ground. All of the metal here definitely provides a much bigger resistance to spin and, as such, you’ll notice that it puts a lot more strain on the parts that support the wheel.

In this situation, all of the strain that was on the axle studs would prove to be too much as it sheared them straight off and left this incredibly clean car making its way to the ground. To add insult to injury, the machine even slid into the wall where a little bit more damage would be done. You have to feel for this guy, but we get the feeling that it won’t be long before he’s out there racing once again.