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Gaining Horsepower The Easy Way: Heat Management

When it comes to making a car go faster, sometimes, It’s worth really taking a look a the little things. Sure, making sure all of the major components are in place is a very important step. Getting all of the power creators in line is definitely a very important aspect in going fast. However, many times, people seem to ignore or fail to remember that there are some simple steps that can really go a long way. It’s these easy things that set apart the great builds from the good ones.

One example of this would just so happen to be the reduction of heat or helping it to more easily get out of the engine bay. As it turns out, excessive heat in just about any application is the enemy of efficiency. On one hand, engines and transmissions should be kept up to operating temperature. Running an engine cold can certainly do some damage. On the other hand, though, when things begin to get incredibly hot, they begin to rob the combination in several ways. On one side of the coin, hotter air means less. power. On the other, it can also create more friction. This will reduce the lifecycle of components.

This time, we follow along with the FullBoost crew from down in Australia. The idea here is a Tech Tuesday tip that should help maximize efficiency. In this one, they describe exactly how to keep the heat away with a variety of different measures. It really makes a lot of sense since an engine runs best with cooler air. Cooler air is denser which allows more of it to be shoved inside of the powerplant of your choosing. However, radiant heat off of power adders and exhaust can end up bringing up the ambient temperature which then gets recycled back into the engine once again.

Creating power can get mighty expensive. However, by observing a couple of methods like this, creating more power might not be as far away as we all might think.

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