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The Garden of Wraith – Beating on a Rolls Royce

Check out some insane powersliding in the Rolls Royce Wraith.

The Rolls Royce is a symbol of refined status. The car generally never regarded as something that anyone filled with piss and vinegar would get their hands on.

Only the richest of the rich obtain them and generally have a driver to tote them around town. Fortunately for us, Youtube user, TaxTheRich100 is full of ain’t care! Check it out as the Rolls Royce is hounded on like a scolded dog.

This video definitely shows us a different side of the extreme luxury car and it isn’t what you’d expect at all. This Rolls most definitely isn’t restricted to putting around town, but rather tears it up in a beautiful garden.

Well, formerly a beautiful garden now… Some folks may cringe at the beating these cars are receiving, but we’re most definitely loving every second of this video.

We’re going to venture to say that this isn’t how Rolls Royce intended their cars be used, but we at Speed Society definitely approve of this video! What do you think? Are you behind this display of play time or do you think these guys are insane?

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