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Gas Monkey Garage – Can Monkeys Fly?

Gas Monkey Garage – Can Monkeys Fly?

Can monkeys fly? Well to answer that question in the quick and dirty way, yes! We have the video evidence to prove these claim, too!

This time, we ride along with a different kind of monkey, the Gas Monkey, as they ride along with a couple of Red Bull Air Race pilots, bringing truth to the claim that monkeys can fly.

These pilots are nothing short of insane in our incredibly grounded eyes as they go way up above the Earth and twist and contort their planes in every which way possiible, defying death with every maneuver.

Check out the video below as Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman go along for the ride and take it like true champs. We know more than a couple of people who wouldn’t be able to take this ride so well.