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Gas Monkey Garage Dragster Explosion!

Gas Monkey Garage Dragster Explosion!

If a cheap hobby is what you’re looking to get into, we would highly recommend that you steer clear of drag racing in any way, shape, or form.

This time, the Gas Monkey Garage dragster heads out to the strip and, unfortunately, has its fair share of troubles this day as it blows a hole in the side of block, rendering it useless.



Now, Gas Monkey would be able to get it back together within an hour to compete again, but the troubles didn’t stop there, either as it would break again on the next pass. You win some and sometimes you lose some, it’s all a part of racing.

Check out the video below that captured one of the passes that didn’t quite go as according to plan. We’re sure with a little bit of patience these guys will be back in the running in no time.


Watch as the F16 pilot below takes on an incredibly low pass. How did he manage that one!?