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Gas Monkey Pro Stock Kills it at Sonoma!

Gas Monkey Pro Stock Kills it at Sonoma!

Gas Monkey Garage seems to have their fingers in a little bit of everything these days and this time, they take to the drag strip with their very own Pro Stock Drag Racer stickered with their likeness along with that of Havoline and 360 Wraps.

Putting the wheels in motion, Alex Laughlin and Laughlin Motorsports show some strokes of brilliance as Alex hops behind the wheel of the Gas Monkey sponsored car in his first Pro Stock race ever. While Saturday there was time for qualifying, here, on Sunday he gets down to the real deal and makes the car hook up like it means business!

The result of this driving fool is a 6.59-second pass on just the first pass that this car was ever in competition. That’s moving for a quarter mile!

Check out the video of the grumbling monster , This thing takes off like a rocket and never looks back on its way to 210mph.

When these high school kids engage in tug-of-war, they take it too far!

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