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General Lee vs Bandit Trans Am! Best Car Chase Ever!

In the world of TV and movie “hero cars”, there are few more recognizable cars that the General Lee and the Bandit Trans Am. Well these two iconic Hollywood Hotrods, and their boundaries-pushing drivers, head out thought the countryside for an off-road rendezvous.

Less a chase scene and more an exercise in good old fashioned FUN, these drivers, both of whom are professional stunt drivers, take these cars off the asphalt and put them through their paces through some beautiful country settings, hitting some gravel roads and kicking up dust. The pair do head back to the asphalt to let the cars stretch their legs, even hauling butt past a sheriff’s car that doesn’t even bother with pursing the cars as they scream past.

The raucous romp ends with the drivers looking over a scenic view, agreeing to meet there again the next day! It’s cool to see these cars out being driven like their movie and TV roles depicted and not sitting away behind ropes just to be looked at like so many others are.