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Genius Ratchet Strap Trick! How to Turn a Ratchet Into a Winch 🎥

If you have ever towed anything with your vehicle, you are probably pretty familiar with the way that ratchet straps work. While using them, you might have found yourself thinking that whoever designed them was a downright genius because they’re so handy. These things are entirely too convenient when it comes to making sure that your load is strapped down to your trailer. However, this time, we check out ratchet straps as you may have never seen them before as the basic mechanism used to make one of these things work is repurposed for something else entirely.

No, this time, it isn’t all about securing a load but instead, moving a load. In this little demonstration, we watch as your every day ratchet strap is converted into something else as it becomes your very own handheld winch. With just a couple of easy modifications, one of your old straps can be converted into something entirely new that is nice and compact and could also help you to get out of a tight situation where you simply might not have enough room to use any sort of traditional winch system.

Check out the video below as “The Good of the Land” shows you all of the steps necessary to take a traditional ratchet strap and make it an entirely new mechanism. Is this something that you would consider doing to create your very own personal winch for your traveling needs? This might be about the smallest version of a winch that you could possibly have which is the key that makes this one incredibly convenient. There’s no telling what kind of situations you could get yourself into that this little magical contraption might be able to help with getting you out of. In the video, we’re shown exactly what the mighty little thing is capable of.