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Get an Inside Look at Richard Rawlings House in Dallas Texas

When it comes to the ways that the rich and famous live, it seems to be a topic that all of us are interested in. I mean, how many of us have spent hours sitting around and watching MTV Cribs all day, a show that’s been on the air for 17 seasons? This one isn’t exactly an episode of that MTV television show but, it seems to be more of a fan video put together that shows Richard Rawlings’s digs in his Dallas, Texas home that he spent a cool $1.7 million on. When you invest that kind of bacon in that area, what do you get back in return? Well, this is the journey to find out all about just that as we get to take a look inside of the Gas Monkey Garage owner’s pad!

Dialing in at almost 4000 square feet, the house is equipped with four bedrooms and one bathroom accompanied with tons of room to spread out with features like a bar, Zen Garden, and that wicked pond out back that I personally think I could sit next to four hours, relaxing. Over the 1.46 acres, this place just has so many features that help modern to meet retro in a slammin’ house that we’re sure has lots of stories hidden in those walls – if only walls could talk, eh?

Anyways, head on down to the video below to check out how exactly Gas Monkey Garage star, Richard Rawlings, is living these days! After getting to the bottom of this house, be sure to tell us what you think of a pad like this. So, who is ready to pack their bags and move on in?