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Get Your Name Immortalized on a Top Fuel Dragster for Just $60 With Laughlin’s “Power of the People!”

Want in? Join the “Power of the People” movement here.

Last year, with the COVID-19 pandemic in full effect, NHRA racer, Alex Laughlin, needed to get a little bit creative in order to fund his racing effort for 2020. The reach of the pandemic cut deep for everyone from individuals to businesses. Therefore, sponsorship dollars were a little bit harder to come across in 2020.

With that, Laughlin decided to launch a campaign that he called “Power of the People.” The unique sponsorship opportunity would give 300 individuals the unique chance to have their names immortalized on Alex’s Pro Stock machine along with going home with a signed poster featuring their decal that was on the car.

As the program was met with great success, Laughlin plans to roll out another racing machine 2021 sponsored by the Power of the People movement. This time, instead of your name going down the track at 200 mph, you’ll have the chance to be immortalized at 300 mph on Laughlin’s Top Fuel car.

Alex says:

Hey everyone, I’m really excited, nervous, all of the things, to be bringing this fan-funded event back out for 2021. This is such a long shot for me to raise the amount of money to fund a Top Fuel car for a race but with your help, I know it can be done. The support last year from everyone that hopped onboard for the Pro Stock car was overwhelming. I made the race and also learned a lot on things I could improve on for the next one. With that being said, this one is bigger and better than ever, and it’s off to great start but still have a long way to go in a short time. If you think this is a cool opportunity, I’d be so grateful to have and host your support! As always, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

-Alex Laughlin

In addition to a keepsake poster featuring the decal with your name on it peeled from the car, those who participate will also get an autographed Alex Laughlin Hot Wheels Corvette, plus a sticker sheet.


Want in? Join the “Power of the People” movement here.

  • “Your Name” Sticker on one side of Alex Laughlin’s Top Fuel Dragster
  • A keepsake poster will contain the actual sticker of “Your Name” that traveled at 300MPH down the track at a Live  NHRA Event on National Television.
  • Signed Alex Laughlin Hot Wheels Corvette



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