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Woman Gets Thrown in the Air While Stealing Fuel

Woman Gets Thrown in the Air While Stealing Fuel

Stealing in any way shape or form isn’t the greatest idea, but it looks like this pair of C-List criminals missed the memo about how far hard work can get you.

While attempting to steal fuel from the pump, this female accomplice would be left in a world of hurt that she didn’t even really initiate. Either way, karma managed to hit her right in the side of the head, though!

When the gas station attendant got a little bit too close to this fuel stealing operation, the guy behind the wheel got uncomfortable and took off, causing the gas hose to throw the woman pumping the gas into the air!

She did manage to get up afterwards, through the embarrassment, as they left the pump open, with the line ripped off, to allow gasoline to flow all over the ground.

Check out the crime as captured on security camera below. This really isn’t an example of folks who are necessarily good at what they do, but heck, it sure did give us a laugh!



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