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Gigantic RC SR-71 Blackbird Built From Scratch… Impressive!

When you visualize a remote control airplane, you might think of casual hobbyist who goes out and maybe spends a couple of bucks on something to get their kicks. However, believe it or not, as it turns out, not everybody who enjoys this pastime is just your casual enthusiast. Some people spend lots of time and money getting their remote control creations exactly the way that they want them and sometimes, that means a serious investment in more ways than one. In this situation, we catch up with a creator who really went above and beyond to bring something together that would definitely demand attention, even from those who aren’t too familiar with what’s going on in the world of remote control.

Instead of any sort of store-bought creation, this time, we see something else still entirely that was constructed completely from scratch as one individual took it upon himself to re-create the likeness of the SR-71 Blackbird, an aircraft that has certainly become well-known for its abilities in the sky as a military machine. There’s no denying the cool factor that goes along with the real deal and some of that definitely carries over here to the miniaturized version that’s controlled completely by remote.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to watch this thing is it cuts through the sky just like the real deal, whipping around and gliding through the air like a hot knife through butter. When you give somebody the time and tools to put something together, if you come across a creative individual like this, you really never know what’s going to come out on the other side and we have to say that with a creation like this, we’re definitely thoroughly impressed. When this enthusiast makes his way to remote control air shows, we know that this is going to be one creation that demands the attention of everybody in attendance.

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