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Girl Rowing Gears In Her Built Truck Will Make You Smile

This video absolutely made my day, and when you hit that play button below, I think you’ll catch yourself smiling like a fool as well. The combination of a gorgeous young lady and a manual transmission is truly a thing of beauty. Add in the fact that her pickup sounds pretty healthy, and you have the makings of a pretty awesome clip.

We don’t have any information about this wheelwoman at the moment, but you can bet we’ll be doing some digging to try to find out more about who’s behind @rstgirl as well as what all is going on under the hood of her truck. But just seeing this video shows us that her Mom and Dad raised her right! Most kids these days don’t even want to learn how to drive stick. Luckkily there is still some faith in this generation as RSTGIRL knows how to row gears like a boss!

Here is a picture of her badass Chevy truck!

To take in the moment, I think I’ll just put this video on loop and watch and listen to her rowing through the gears. There is one short moment in the video where our driver looks to have lost traction unexpectedly, throwing her otherwise poise and calm demeanor into a bit of a “Whoops! Did I do that?” state. However, the snafu only distracts her briefly, and she’s right back into focus mode,

It’s always a cool attribute to be able to drive beyond just holding a wheel and stomping on the gas and brake pedals, so to see this chick shifting gears in a modded pickup truck is some serious badassness that we want to make sure is recognized as such. Enjoy the sights and sounds of this girl slamming gears and putting her pickup through the paces on the streets.