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Girl Goes Overboard During a Rough Day at Haulover Inlet

WARNING: This might be the most brutal inlet video to date.

When it comes to pleasure boating, one of the most dangerous water features can be an inlet. The channel in between the ocean and a smaller body of water can tend to be a little bit tumultuous sometimes. As the water is quickly raging through, waves can begin to build and things can escalate in a hurry. One moment, the situation can seem rather smooth and the next, there’s a 6-foot breaker coming for your boat.

Needless to say, people who take on inlets should have a good amount of experience. Furthermore, we’re going to recommend that you stay on your toes if you ever want to take on an inlet for yourself.

The challenges that boaters are put through in such bodies of water are so intense that there have been entire YouTube channels dedicated to the battle. As vessels of all different shapes and sizes take on these inlets around the world, the challenge will be different each time. From the footage that we have seen out of Haulover Inlet in Florida, it might just be one of the most intense on the web.

This time, we check out a selection of boaters over on the Wavy Boats YouTube channel that attempts to take on the struggles of the inlet. Some of the bigger vessels seem to handle it pretty easily. However, on this choppy day, the smaller vessels really get put through a wild ride. At one point, one of the occupants of a boat even ends up overboard.

For those who have ever seen an inlet like this, they realize that it’s an incredibly dangerous situation. Not only does somebody swimming around in the water have to worry about a heavy amount of boat traffic. They also have to worry about the raging current that could suck them out to sea in just seconds. Mother nature has a tendency of dragging people under the water with the quickly moving current.

Luckily for this individual, she would be scooped up by a nearby jet ski rider who was willing to lend a hand. If things went differently, this could’ve very much ended with a serious injury.



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