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Girls Phone Gets Ran Over By a Pagani Huayra… She Is Not Happy!


Pagani’s Huayra is named after the Incan god of wind, and seeing one of these ultra-rare exotics is about as likely as grabbing a handful of wind and painting it purple. The chances of going for a ride in one is infinitely lower, so we have to say we don’t blame this young lady for wanting to hang out the window and capture the moment on camera. However, it would appear she didn’t account for the body lines of the low-slung Huayra when she went to pull herself up into the window opening, bumping her hand on the door and sending her phone tumbling to the ground below. In a mere mortal’s car, this probably wouldn’t be too big a deal, but the Pagani isn’t shaped like a typical car, spreading out wider front to rear in an aggressive wedge shape that makes it one of the best-handling cars of all time. The twin-turbocharged V12 in the svelte Pagani cranks out 720 horsepower and 738 ft/lbs or torque, pushing the top speed to nearly 240 MPH. As such, the car is equipped with some pretty badass carbon/ceramic brakes with Brembo four piston calipers front and rear that bring the car to a stop in rapid fashion,

That being the case, the car could have stopped before rolling over the passenger’s phone, if the driver had known what had happened, but the large crowd surrounding the car likely had him focused on nothing by carefully navigating forward through the sea of onlookers.

Whatever the reason, the driver didn’t or wasn’t able to stop the car until it was planted squarely on top of the phone, which despite the car being fairly light weight, was almost certainly smashed under the massive rear tires. Luckily for the young lady riding shotgun, it would be a safe assumption that the driver has the money to replace the phone for her, even if it was her fault for dropping it in the first place.



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