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Girls Vs Lifted Trucks!

There’s something undeniably sexy about a woman driving a big ol’ truck. However, as you have likely noticed at some point, getting in and out of said truck can sometimes be a problem, especially for shorter girls.

If I’ve learned anything in my years on this planet, though, it’s that most women are pretty good problem solvers, especially when it comes to practical matters like this. As you can see in this video, these ladies have each developed their own specialized method for entering or exiting these massive rides, making it look effortless – in MOST cases – and even downright attractive.

Most of them have learned exactly where to grab the truck to use their momentum to sort of catapult themselves into the cab, although a couple of them do use the tires or step bars, including one step bar that seems to have an odd “actuator” if you pay attention. Regardless, with only a couple of exceptions, these girls make it look easy when I guarantee you most guys out there would have a much harder time getting in and out of these trucks, at least until they get some pointers from the girls.

I also think these are some of the cooler customized trucks that I’ve seen, at least among those that seem to be getting all the attention these days. Some of them may be a little over the top, but overall there are some really cool builds in this video.

Go ahead and share this with your favorite badass truck chick who bounces up into her lifted ride with ease and drives her truck like a boss! We’d love to have some of our fans send videos like these, maybe with their creative take on how to best enter and exit a lifted ride. Maybe if somebody out there has something really unique or just plain badass, we’ll share their video as well!

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