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Our New Giveaway Car Might be Possessed

As much as we loved everything that our curate C8 giveaway had to offer, it’s time to move on! With the winner picking to go home with the 2020 C8 Corvette over the cash, the question was “What’s coming next?” Deciding what car we should give away next to keep up the caliber of excitement can be difficult. However, we think that we came up with something that will really blow you guys away!

In order to show off the new giveaway car, we decided to have a little bit of fun. Instead of just the normal unveiling for our latest giveaway, we wanted to bring a little bit of theatric action to you. To do just that, the Speed Society crew headed out into the night to create a monster story all our own.

In the flick that features Speed Society’s own Mike “The Wrench” and Alex Laughlin, we offer you a tale that shows just how mean this upcoming giveaway car really is. To really demonstrate the pure aggression offered up by the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye that we will be giving away, we figured a little bit of a scare was in order.

To complete the story here, it’s definitely worth noting that this isn’t just any old Hellcat. Instead, the crew over at Forza Tuning and Performance hooked this thing up so that it would be able to crank out 1100 horsepower. Let’s just say that they really tapped into the ride’s hellacious tendencies and amplified them a good bit. If that’s not enough to really send a chill down the spine, we aren’t sure what is.

Hopefully, you guys have as much fun watching this unveiling as we had making it! We’re incredibly stoked to give away another incredible machine and who knows? The next winner might even be you!


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