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Glowing Red Hot Knife / Axe vs Entire Car!

Every once in a while, a viral trend unfolds and everyone seems to want to get in on the action. This time, that trend just so happens to be the result of putting a flaming hot knife up against just about everything and anything to see exactly what will happen.

In this version of the experiment, we get not only a flaming hot knife but also a heated axe that gets in on the experiment to see what happens when the glowing duo is put up against an entire car, a beat up old Kia to be a little bit more precise. The car didn’t stand a chance.

From the headlights to the tires, to just about every meltable piece on the car, we watch as a knife and axe are heated and put to the test. A little bit of glass smashing is even thrown into the mix for good measure just for that extra level of satisfaction.

In short, everyone likes destroying things so check out this oh so satisfying destruction session from the BigKleib34 YouTube channel down in the video below. What do you think is the next thing to go down at the hands of a glowing hot knife?