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GM Cutting Back Free Service On New Cars From 3 Years To 1 Year

For consumers, competition is undeniably a good thing. There’s no telling what the automotive market would look like if it were not for this factor that keeps each and every brand on their toes, pushing themselves to offer up as much as possible so that their customers don’t end up going somewhere else. For automakers, this has to drive them absolutely crazy, though, as they’re forced to pick out just the right combination of factors to keep their customers happy. In a perfect world, brands would offer everything they could at the lowest price that they possibly could but when it all comes down to it they are in this to make a profit.

In a recent move that General Motors brands would make in order to maybe save a little bit off of their bottom line, they have decided to cut back free service on new cars from three years to just one year. This service includes oil changes, tire rotation, and some other general maintenance items.

Yearly services will be reduced to one session for Cadillac, GMC, and Buick says Car and Driver. We would assume that Chevrolet would fall into line but have yet to hear any official word on if they plan to cut back the services offered as well with their new vehicles.

Car and Driver spoke with a representative from Cadillac who reminded them that this would fall in line with other offerings from competitors like Audi. However, when looking across the broad scope of different luxury brands, it would appear as if the protocol for this type of service fluctuates depending on who you look at. Companies like  Jaguar offer 5 years worth of service, which one should expect with the price tag that accompanies those vehicles. For those who plan on purchasing new automobiles, extended maintenance plans can also be purchased alongside the vehicles for those who don’t like to get their hands dirty.


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