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Rumored: GM Is Making Gas Engine “Well Over 8.0 Liters”

As fans of everything to do with the automobile, it’s really a great time to be alive. These days, automakers are expected to be on the top of their game and as such, we have seen some pretty crazy things come out of this world. It seems like each and every customer is more valuable than ever. Therefore, we see that every time one brand comes out with something new, their competitors will aim to take a shot at one-upping them. This one-upsmanship might create a lot more work for the automakers but for the consumer, it really creates the best products possible. It’s also fun to watch these battles unfold in front of us.

The latest example of how this is coming true seems to be out of the massive, in displacement, gas engine category. Not too long ago, Ford announced that it would be implementing a large cubic inch of gasoline-powered engine to its truck line. Essentially, they wanted to offer up a capable powerplant that would have enough torque to tow a heavy load without having to go diesel. In the rumor mill, now, we’ve heard that Chevrolet or GM is responding to this news in a big way, quite literally.

Several sources have reported that General Motors is planning on putting out an 8.0L, or larger, gasoline engine to combat Ford’s gas 7.3. GM Authority reports saying two things have been circulating about the possibility. First, “The 6.6L V-8 L8T is the largest GM gasoline engine “for the time being.”” This would infer that something bigger than the 6.6L is on the way. In turn, they also have had their ear to the ground and have heard that the new application should be “well over” 8.0L.

Now, whether or not this is a part of a giant measuring competition of “mine is bigger than yours” is up for debate. However, when the facts fall where they may, it’s going to be interesting to see if GM ends up pumping out their biggest engine yet. As of now, the 8.2L V8 that we saw in the 1970s Cadillac El Dorado is the biggest to date for a production vehicle.

The biggest the brand has ever made? The 9.4L crate engine introduced in 1998 takes home that title.