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GMC Is Producing A Carbon Fiber Bed – Abused To The Max

For one reason or another, it seems like pickup truck marketers are obsessed with dropping heavy things into truck beds. Perhaps it’s just for dramatic effect. Most people who have owned a pickup will attest to the fact that beds are going to get destroyed. It doesn’t matter what they’re made of. Those who truly care about of the condition of the bed are going to get a bed liner anyway, right?

However, it seems as if GMC has come out with a new concept to take the pickup truck bed by storm. For the last couple of years, we’ve heard the argument going back and forth. With materials like aluminum coming into the fold, people have definitely found something to argue about. However, it seems as if GMC has stepped up their game. Instead of this whole aluminum versus steel debacle, they’ve decided to go with carbon fiber. Yes, that’s right, the same exact material that has been known for use on high-end sports cars and exotics has made its way to mass-produced pickup truck beds. This version of carbon fiber doesn’t look as pretty as others but it definitely gets the job done if you ask GMC.

Down below, we see a demonstration of what might happen when such a bed is exposed to more heavy falling objects. The design promises to save right around 60 pounds as it’s 25% lighter. Furthermore, it won’t need any sort of liner. The material is supposed to be durable enough to be able to handle some abuse. Carbon fiber has displayed an ability to be able to provide strength at a lighter weight. This is why it’s used in so many racing applications.

The one thing that we have to wonder about is the price. Normally, carbon fiber is associated with higher end products because it’s pretty expensive to produce. Only time will tell if the price falls in line with what the regular pickup truck consumer is able to justify spending. The carbon bed that is slated for production early this summer will be available in the Denali 1500 and AT4 1500.

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