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Go Behind the Scenes as Alex Laughlin Snatches Gold at the World Doorslammer Nationals

What A Ride.

Being able to get behind the wheel of a racing machine and actually earn money to do it is nothing short of a dream. There are thousands of people who head down the drag strip every year. Very few are able to do so well enough to the point that they are actually able to earn nice-sized checks for racing.

For now, the horizon for the 2020 racing scene might be a little bit blurry due to the recent Coronavirus outbreak. Cancellations are coming left and right. As far as what’s already in the bag this year, though, Alex Laughlin already has a major win behind him heading forward.

Like we mentioned, this is an awesome job to have. However, Laughlin and the company were really hard at work when it came to the World Door Slammer Nationals. Not only did Laughlin have the full-time responsibility of operating his Pro Stock machine. He also took on the responsibility of piloting a Pro Mod as well. With the combination of cars, Alex would have the opportunity to win $125,000 between the two classes.

Unfortunately, he didn’t win the Pro Stock class. However, when sitting behind the wheel of the Caruso Family Racing Chevrolet Camaro Pro Mod, he would succeed on a high level. It might have been his first stint behind the wheel of the car. However, that didn’t stop Laughlin from really dropping the hammer and swinging for the fences. When all was said and done, he would go home victorious in the Pro Mod class, yielding a $50,000 purse.

Let’s just say that there was a lot to absorb from the weekend. Laughlin was a busy man as he was wheeling both of the incredible machines down the track. In the video below, we catch up with a taste of the action that resulted in an incredibly impressive showing.