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Go Karts With Big Engine Swaps! The Perfect Power to Weight Ratio!

Because most people tend to zero in on creating a bunch of power, it can be really easy to forget just how important saving weight is! When it comes to going fast, there is definitely a lot of potential that is left on the table every time that someone looking to go fast neglects to do whatever they can to shave off a couple of pounds from their ride. Fortunately, in this situation, these guys don’t really have to worry about all that as they’re almost as light as it gets already. Inversely, all that they do have to worry about is throwing more power into the mix to beef things up a little bit and make this go karting experience even more memorable.

This group has no shortage of intense engine swaps, putting all sorts of different motorcycle applications to use from the Yamaha R1 to the Suzuki GSX-R 1100 and all sorts of applications in between. One thread that these karts all share in common is that they’re absolutely positively fast and a blast to drive. Now, whether the driver is doing a high speed sprint or shredding the tires with a burnout display is another thing entirely but all of the above are a blast to tune in and watch from this side of the screen.

Follow along with the video below that takes you inside of a couple of awesome go kart swaps that really put on a show! These things are incredibly well versed in the art of going above and beyond to throw that power to the ground. After getting a load of what these crafty little karts are all about, be sure to tell us which of the group happens to be your favorite. This might be a tougher choice than it looks like because all of these things definitely fit the bill of being awesome.


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