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Go-Karts with Motorcycle Engines… Only For Those Who Want To Go Fast!

If you want to take a minute to approach the formula for what it means to go fast, it will be found somewhere within the aspects of being lightweight, packing lots of power, and getting together traction. Now, while we can’t necessarily say that all of the go-karts in this compilation video necessarily have that third aspect, most of them really seem to have those first two down pat as they are very powerful light weight machines that throw around their way with ease. How did they do that? Well, all of these machines just so happen have one thing in common. Each and every one of them is powered by motorcycle engine.

In this one, we’re able to follow along with what looks like a great time as we hop from kart to kart, each of which seems to have more power than the last! You wouldn’t think that somebody would take the time to enhance a go-kart with that much power but to your surprise, each and every one of these things looks like an absolute blast drive as they all seem to step their game up one after the other. There’s just something about these tiny little machines with all of that power that seems so appealing, making you want to hop behind the wheel and punch the gas pedal for yourself.

Follow along with the video down below that gives you a small little taste of what it might be like to hop behind the wheel of a motorcycle powered go-kart for yourself. After watching this thing, be sure to tell us how ready you are to go out and build or purchase one of these vehicles for your own driving enjoyment. If being a party to a video like this doesn’t make you want to come behind the wheel and put your foot to the floor, I’m not really sure what will.

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