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Going for the Most Dangerous Helicopter Ride in the World

For those who make their way up to the sky and do all kinds of acrobatic maneuvers, you’re probably used to seeing it from the cockpits of fighter jets and small airplanes. After all, the Navy’s flight demo squadron, the Blue Angels, have left their mark on millions of people by showing off what they can accomplish in the air, seemingly defying gravity on their way to putting on one of the most shareable experiences that a pilot can take part in. However, jets and airplanes aren’t exactly where the fun ends if you’re looking to go for a thrill ride up in the air. In fact, while it might be a less known about way of getting your kicks in the sky, this one is really an example of a way of flying that can get your blood flowing while tossing something different in the mix.

The reason that there’s a good chance that you probably haven’t heard of hell about helicopter acrobatics is that there are only four people in the entire world who have proven to be able to put on a display like this. Therefore, as you can probably imagine, being able to be a part of something like this is so incredibly special as probably only a handful of people in the entire world have ever been able to accompany one of these pilots as they would pull off such a rush of emotion.

If you follow along down in the video below, you’ll be able to not only immerse yourself in the action that is helicopter acrobatics but you’ll be able to see exactly what it’s like for people were about to be a part of something like this and the moments leading up to it all. Now, this might not inherently seem like something that would provide all that much action as you would think that the entire thrill is during the ride but just imagine that you’re going to do something that maybe only a couple of hundred people have ever done before and it’s thousands of feet in the air. I would think that “unnerving” would only begin to describe the emotion here.