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Going Over All Of Ken Block’s Gymkhana Cars

Ken Block and the Hoonigan crew have put together some of the most-watched videos on the internet with their Gymkhana series. What started as a fun project showcasing Ken’s driving skill behind the wheel of a Subaru has morphed into a global phenomenon that has amassed over 100 million views and quite literally changed the landscape of how these over-the-top video projects are created.

While the star of the show is always Ken and his ridiculous skill behind the wheel, the cars of the videos certainly draw plenty of attention themselves, so Ken sat down with Hooonigan’s own Scotto to talk about the cars of the Gymkhana series. Starting with the Subaru that started all the fun, then discussing the Ford Fiestas that have been a part of the series, and finally the insane Hoonicorn Mustang and Hoonitruck that have become cult icons.

I’m not going to write up the details of each car, that’s what the video is for, I’m just going to discuss the highlights, such as the fact that the very first car in the series wasn’t really even a racecar. The Subaru WRX that started this whole phenomenon didn’t even have a roll cage, and still utilized the stock ignition switch, which is why when Ken climbed out of the car at the end, the door dinger was still working.

The Hoonicorn, the Mustang that quite literally rocked the world when it was revealed a few years back, took almost 2 years to build and was kept a secret by the whole staff that was involved. Ken and Scotto even discuss the name Hoonicorn itself and how that went from a code name to a mini-brand of its own.

Go ahead and hit the play button below and watch Ken and Scotto rap back and forth about these awesome cars and what it took to get them up to the performance and handling level required for Ken to put them through the paces in the awesome Gymkhana series.


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