Who Needs a Golf Cart When This Exists?

In the world of golf, the experience is designed to be competitive and relaxing all ...

In the world of golf, the experience is designed to be competitive and relaxing all at the same time. Imagining that it is pretty much like imagining the perfect set of circumstances. For the sport, there are all sorts of accessories that one can deck themselves out int. Sure, obviously, there are all sorts of clothing options that go along with golfing. However, you probably won’t hear about those here at Speed Society. Instead, we are absolutely interested in everything with wheels designed to get one around the golf course. Some of these contraptions can end up getting pretty trick.

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Golf carts these days have found their way to a higher tier of golf course transportation. They can be fitted with everything from custom seats and wheels all the way to stereo systems. In some even more extreme situations, we see golf carts with engine swaps like the Busakart.

However, if a golf cart isn’t necessarily your cup of tea, there are other options out there. If a golfer wants to have some sort of transportation around the course without having a cart, another option might be the “Turf Chopper.”

Essentially, this machine combines a golf bag with an electric motor and some wheels. It looks to mimic the shape of a motorcycle while allowing for lots of storage for golf essentials. In addition to this thing being functional, it looks like an absolute blast to ride around on. I know that I would probably get in some trouble using this thing on the course.

For those who are interested in getting their hands on one of these bad boys, it appears as if the asking price is just over $2,000. The price can wander up to almost $3,000 when considering additional features. Buyers can look to things like a heavy duty suspension and remote control option if they’re looking to beef it up a bit!

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