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Goliath 2.0 Spits Out Massive Flames on the Dyno!

When Daddy Dave first made the swap from nitrous to his current ProCharged setup, a lot of fans lamented the loss of the massive flames the car made when all the nitrous was pumping through the massive powerplant. The ProCharged 540″ big block should be more consistent and easier on parts than the nitrous combination, while making just as much, or more, horsepower. Plus the ProCharged setup should be easier to tune since there are fewer variables and weather conditions wouldn’t have such an impact on performance.

The gorgeous little Nova seems to be very comfortable with the new combo, as Dave took the car to the number one qualifying spot in Outlaw Drag Radial at Lights Out 8, ripping off a string of 4.20 second ET’s that impressed even the most jaded spectators. In the process of getting the new combination sorted out, Dave spent a little time on the dyno at The Dyno Room in Edmond Oklahoma. As Dave tweaked the tune to maximize the output, he encountered this massive fireball, a flame far taller than the nitrous flames we saw when the other engine was crammed between the frame rails.

From our understanding, this fireball was caused when Dave rolled out of the throttle and a little raw fuel made it through he engine and ignited in the exhaust. Harmless, as long as nobody is standing by the bullhorn, the flame is just plain cool to look at. We saw this phenomenon again at at a race, when Goliath spewed a massive fireball on the starting line that lasted several seconds. That flame was also harmless raw fuel in the exhaust, though word is Dave recently did damage the engine during a list race while filming for Street Outlaws. We haven’t heard the extent of the damage but hopefully Dave will have his hotrod back up and running, and throwing massive fireballs, again soon!


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