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Gone in the Blink of an Eye! RC Car Drag Racing

Excuse us while we pick our jaws up off the floor here at Speed Society headquarters…

This electric scale radio controlled dragster sounds like it’s ripping a hole in time and space. But don’t worry, it’s not traveling through time, that’s just the ridiculously powerful motor pushing the tiny dragster down the 90 foot course at insane speeds. The dragster, which set the Australian record on this run, hit 176 km/h in just 1.178 seconds. Doing the math for those of us here in the states, that 0-109 MPH in just a tick over one second.

To put that in perspective, NHRA Top Fuel dragster, the quickest-accelerating vehicles on the planet, cover the first 60 feet of the drag strip in 0.82 seconds, and this scale replica covers 1.5 times that distance in just three more tenths of a second. If they were to race each other heads up, it may be a lot closer race than anybody would expect. Maybe we can make arrange a match race between one of these RC cars and a real Top Fueler!